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ARC welcomes your involvement in the transportation planning process.

If you have questions, comments or would like additional information, please e-mail us or call 404.463.3272.


Community Engagement

The Atlanta Regional Commission values your participation and input in all areas of its planning work. We strive to provide resources that help you understand the Atlanta region and the issues and challenges we all work to address. In order to properly hear from interested persons and respond to their comments, ARC requests that citizens follow the ARC Policy for Citizen Input (PDF).

Regional Community Engagement Plan (2014)

ARC Community Engagement Plan Cover

As part of a continuous effort to increase public involvement and general outreach in the transportation and land use planning process, the Atlanta Regional Commission has developed a limited update to the Regional Community Engagement Plan (PDF). This document supplies the vision and goals for community engagement in alignment with the ARC Strategic Plan.  ARC continues to refine this public participation plan to provide guidelines for early, ongoing and equitable opportunities for involvement by all interested parties in the regional transportation planning process.  A major update of the Regional Community Engagement Plan is targeted for 2016 to incorporate anticipated changes of ARC structure as well as Federal transportation legislation. 

The primary purpose of the proposed changes are to 1) reflect MAP-21 planning language, 2) clearly state the RTP/TIP community engagement fulfills those required for the transit Program of Projects (POP), 3) ensure consistency between MPO and state STIP definitions for TIP amendments and administrative modifications, and 4) ensure that required public hearings are held with the MPO policy committee (TAQC) vs. the ARC Board.

This 2014 amendment to the 2012 Plan is to provide more time-sensitive updates of the exhibits as follows:

Appendix A: Federal Regulations
Appendix B: State of Georgia Regulations
Appendix C: ARC Board & Policy Committees
Appendix D: Citizen Input Policy and Guidelines
Appendix E: Regional Transportation Plan Amendment Process
Appendix F: Acronyms Used in the Regional Community Engagement Plan
Appendix G: Evaluation of the Public Participation in PLAN 2040
Appendix H: Community Engagement Plan Update Process
Appendix I: Limited English Proficiency Plan Summary

Download report  (PDF)

Timeline for the Community Engagement Plan Update (2014)

  • April 30-June 14, 2014: 45-Day Public Review Period
  • June 20, 2014: Transportation Coordinating Committee Vote
  • July 10, 2014:  Transportation & Air Quality Committee Vote
  • July 23, 2014:  Atlanta Regional Commission Board Vote

The Public Review and Comment period closed on Saturday, June 14, 2014. ARC did not receive any substantive comments regarding the Regional Community Engagement Plan.  


PLAN 2040 - 2014 Update: An Evaluation of the Community Participation Process (September 2014) 

PLAN 2040: An Evaluation of the Community Participation Process

This report provides an evaluation of public participation program activities conducted for the PLAN 2040 2014 Update during the years 2012-2014. ARC performs its evaluation process at the conclusion of every transportation plan update to assess the effectiveness of its public outreach activities.

Download report  (PDF)

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