Transportation Resources

Federal Competitive Grant Programs

Until a new multi-year federal transportation funding bill is passed, it is likely that competitively-awarded grant programs will become standard practice for awarding annual appropriations. Information on the Federal Competitive Grant Programs page is intended to serve as a resource for potential project sponsors in the Atlanta region on various funding opportunities. Review the requirements of the individual programs, see what’s being considered or has already been submitted and learn what was awarded.

Transportation Fact Book

Transportation Fact BookThe Atlanta Regional Transportation Fact Book is published by ARC and presents a summary of the most current data for the transportation system in the Atlanta region. The Fact Book provides information about the existing regional transportation infrastructure and travel patterns, as well as other transportation-related issues. The purpose of the Fact Book is to provide the public with a quick and easy reference guide on the performance of the metro area’s transportation system.

To obtain a Transportation Fact Book from a previous year, please contact Patrick Hall at

Unified Planning Work Program

In all metropolitan regions of more than 50,000 persons, the Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) is responsible for the development of a Unified Planning Work Program (UPWP), in cooperation with the state and operators of publicly-owned transit. The UPWP is an instrument for coordinating transportation and comprehensive planning in the metropolitan region to broaden MPO awareness of activities and plans that impact surface transportation. It also helps ensure that planned improvements are based on a common set of existing conditions and forecasts coordinating all key decisions affecting growth and development among partner agencies.

Other Resources

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