Workforce Innovation Fund

Are You Unemployed?  You may be eligible to gain valuable, fully-paid work experience for six months, likely leading to a job through the Workforce Innovation Fund (a pilot program with Manpower) designed to help people who have been unemployed for a long time to become reemployed.


-You are 18 or older
-You‘ve been unemployed for at least 1 year
-You were employed for at least 2 years before losing your job
-You have a HS Diploma or GED

You will be asked to attend an informational seminar and to meet with a case manager to determine eligibility and develop an employment plan.

Contact the Career Resource Center in your county of residence and ask about the Workforce Innovation Fund program.


    Forklift operators
    Customer service reps
    General laborers
    Administrative Assistants
    Office Clerks
    Commercial Lenders
    Account Managers


HomeSafe Georgia provides assistance for homeowners who have become or were unemployed or underemployed through no fault of their own. For those who qualify, HomeSafe Georgia loans will be funded on a first-come, first-served basis. Loan application packages are worked in the date order of receipt. Once the HHF program funds are depleted, HomeSafe Georgia will cease accepting applications.

Training and Education Services

The Atlanta Regional Workforce Board's (ARWB) Career Resource Centers assist people seeking employment, training and education services. Funding for training through ARWB is provided for residents who live in, or have been laid off from their jobs in Cherokee, Clayton, Douglas, Fayette, Gwinnett, Henry and Rockdale counties. For youth services in these counties, please review Youth Services and Programs. View the listing of statewide workforce boards for service to other counties.

Before You Complete the WIA Training Application, you should determine if you are eligible by reviewing the Eligibility Checklist and the Priority of Service Policy. 

To Apply:   Download the WIA Training Packet

What if I am not Eligible for WIA Training?   If you determine that you are not eligible for WIA training, other services including career exploration, labor market information, job search resources and financial aid for scholarships, are available at the ARWB Career Resource Centers. You can also check the Financial Aid Resources (PDF) and apply for the HOPE and Pell Grants which are also available for pre-requisite or developmental classes. Read about the recent changes to Georgia’s HOPE Grant and Scholarship program. 

If you are unable to determine your eligibility or if you need direct assistance in completing your application, you may contact the Career Resource Center that serves your county of residence to register for an Application Workshop, held twice a month.

View Commonly Asked Questions information that will be helpful in completing the application.

Applicants are responsible for insuring that all required documentation is attached to their application. Missing documentation will delay the process of your application. Anyone requiring assistance in completing the application can contact 404-463-3327 or

Your application will be reviewed and eligibility verified. You will receive notice from the ARWB Career Resource Center to schedule a meeting to begin required career assessment. As a part of career assessment, you will be required to complete the Tests of Adult Basic Education (TABE), the Career Scope and the Prove-It for certain occupations.  

You may not be considered "most in need" of training if you have had recent training or attained a recognized technical school certificate, college degree or diploma (2 years or less). A case-by-case determination will be made as to the marketability of a prior degree or certificate.

The Georgia Illegal Immigration Reform and Enforcement Act requires individuals receiving public benefits to execute a signed affidavit (PDF) and submit a secure and verifiable document as attestation of the applicant’s lawful presence. To verify lawful presence, WIA applicants must sign the O.C.G.A. Affidavit as part of the training application before they receive service under WIA determined “Public Benefit” under the Act. 

Critical Financial Information

  • Do not attend classes or pay in advance for any training that you expect to be paid for by WIA funding until your training plan is completed, signed and approved by you and your Career Advisor.
  • A voucher for payment for training is the only approved method of payment under WIA. 
  • Consult with your Career Advisor before signing any loan applications or contracts.
  • This program does not provide direct reimbursement to the student.

What to Do While Your Application is Being Processed 

Find the best career fit for your interests and abilities with:

Review the Labor Market Research Form and while searching for jobs ask yourself these questions:

  • What jobs are available in this field?
  • What wages can I expect to earn?
  • Is there room for growth?
  • Do I need specific training or certification?

Make sure your chosen career area is on the ARWB Occupations List and that the school and training program you want to attend is on the Georgia Eligible Training Provider List.  Review the list of training providers with current ARWB participants. Check the recent performance review  for the school you are considering to assure they are not on hold for new customers due to low performance measures.  Download the Training Program Research Form  for comparison of schools and review the training considerations as you select your career goal and your training provider.

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